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Lofty blog post title? Perhaps – but we thought it an apt one to both herald the launch of the official site for our book, as well as talk a little about the future of influence both as Sam and myself see it, and the companies that are looking at influence beyond social scoring.

So, first things first – the site.

What You’ll Find on the Influence Marketing Site

As well as being the repository for all things new about the book, including launch info, where you can buy it, book tours, etc, we also want to make the book an interactive experience with you.

To that end, we’ll be hosting both live and recorded webinars, as well as interviews with the leading people and companies in the influence space today. We’ll also be live-streaming Google+ Hangouts, where you can take part and ask the questions on influence you need the answers for.

Once the book launches, we’ll be adding an exclusive forum for book buyers, where you can meet peers in your industry, get one-to-one’s with leading players, promote your platform and more.

In short, this site will become an all-encompassing depository for all good things about influence – and nary a social scoring badge in sight! Feel free to look around and check out what’s here.

So make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest updates, and you can pre-order the book now by clicking either of the banners below.

The Future of Influence

Social scoring is dead – or at least, the current iteration of social scoring is dead. While the platforms leading the scoring market report impressive numbers, the varying results and effectiveness of using scores to determine influence highlight their underlying problem – influence is too dynamic and fluid to be determined by a score.

The thought process of people changes frequently, based on situation; emotion; peers; external factors and more. This is something a score can’t adapt to efficiently enough, and is one of the key areas we dissect in our book as we present a new model for moving forward with influence marketing.

Scoring can certainly help in the initial stages of finding the right influencer for you – but then it gets way more complicated, and that’s why you need more than just a score to help your brand succeed with the right influencers for your audience.

We’re excited about the future of influence. We know the path we’re taking with the book, and the companies we’ve spoken to have been just as excited to talk about the ideas within and how that adds to what they’re currently doing.

It’s a great time to be in this space – and we’re only just getting started.

Here’s to the future.

Note – special thanks to Diane Court for taking the creatives from our publisher and turning them into the logo and other creatives seen on here, you rock!

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