Why We Need One Trick Ponies

As a rule, we love it when people say something that is so utterly foolish we immediately begin ripping it apart.

Call it inbred narcissism, or jealousy, or pettiness, or just pure unbridled joy that someone that was perceived to be smart is, in fact, a rambling, idiotic buffoon. But, we love to destroy.

We take to online networks to decry a blog post or news article, questioning how this latest asshat of the day got any airtime with the content they’ve just shared.

We character assassinate people, saying how dare this person represent our industry when they clearly have no clue what the industry is all about.

We leave angry comments on articles, citing the downfall of Rome and the decay of modern society as being less of a seismic shift for the worst in human intellect than the inane drivel we’ve just read.

And yet…

When we do this, we’re looking at this and reacting to things in completely the wrong way.

Instead of mocking and destroying, we should be praising and wanting more – because, let’s face it, the more obvious idiocy is recognized, the more the smarter examples will come to the fore.

The more we help these folks trip up, the more doing business right will succeed. And that can never be a bad thing.

So let’s celebrate the one trick ponies – after all, they’re helping the thoroughbreds shine brighter…

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