Special Announcement – Introducing ArCompany

A social business is one that becomes engaged, transparent and nimble. – John Mell, IBM

So it’s been a bit of a milestone week. First, I celebrated 1,000 posts here, and my daughter Salem turns one year old today so about to shoot off and get the party ready!

And, since these things always seem to happen in three, yesterday saw the official launch of ArCompany, the new business I’m part of dedicated to helping organizations and Enterprise operationalize social through business intelligence.

From the introductory blog post:

In the past, the value between a company and its customers was based on transaction history. A true value has emerged that includes customer relationships and behaviours outside of the organization and provides him/her with a stronger voice that the company must heed.

However, companies, for the most, part are not ready [to operate in this manner]. They don’t have the ability nor forethought to recognize the value of the data.

Companies are not ready to shape their processes and structure around this information to properly receive, manage and analyze and action on it (in the appropriate timeframes)–all in an effort to mitigate reputational impacts, to capitalize on potential revenue streams, and to reduce customer churn.

This is where ArCompany enters the equation.

We Are Not Just an Agency

It’s clear organizations needs strong education and guidance/governance when it comes to the business landscape we find ourselves moving in today.

In the past customers may have had the benefit of being listened to if the service team deemed them worthy. Today, however, businesses are increasingly finding themselves having their hand forced into listening, due to the myriad of options the connected customer has to air grievances.

Additionally, employees are true brand ambassadors for a business whether they have officially signed up to be one or not. Every action taken by an employee online reflects on the brand, and often the most innocuous statement leads to a crisis of reputation and perception.

These murky waters are making it increasingly difficult for businesses to just run the day-to-day operations, never mind the extra resources and expertise needed to oversee other core factors like the ones mentioned above, and more.

This is why ArCompany is not just an agency. We’re not just a marketing house. We’re not just a digital services team.

Instead, as befits the way the company name is pronounced, we are the driver of your business when it comes to accountability for the customer at all levels, internally and externally, from employee to consumer to stakeholder.

Understanding the Connected Customer

Through three key areas, we will help organizations be the drivers of change, bridge gaps by elevating the relationship between customer and brand, and allow businesses to focus their resources in driving the other parts of their business to meet market needs and expectations.

These three key areas are:

  • Comprehensive Data Analysis – ArCompany filters through the noise of the social web allowing you to have meaningful conversations with your customers and stakeholders;
  • Strategies That Drive Business Return – We help evolve companies to the changing communication landscape and build programs to set up organizations for success;
  • Customer Experience Solutions – Helping your business understand and evolve with your customer’s expectations and increase loyalty and advocacy.

The team at ArCompany has an average of 18 years experience each in helping businesses transform the way they do business to meet ever-changing marketplace demands.

ArCompany team

It feels like this company has been a long time in the making. Organizations are ready to make the jump into being a true social business – they just need the right guidance across all parts of the business to make this jump and implode the silos that currently exist.

ArCompany will be that company.

Our partnership with you will be a true collaborative effort to move you to the next level, through education, technology partnerships and implementing business objective initiatives. The word “arc” shows steady momentum and progression. Taken together with “company” it sounds like “Our Company”. The next generation of business will have accountability to the customer– at all levels of the organization.

We look forward to getting started.

You can get more information on ArCompany on our website, as well as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter (minor tweaks are still being made to the social profiles).

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