Why Platforms Like @Traackr are Leading the Future of Influence Marketing

In about 11 weeks time, Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media Marketing (affiliate link) will be released. 11 weeks – that’s kinda scary!

While Sam and I will have some cool stuff up our sleeves for anyone preordering the book (and if you send your receipt to us, you’ll get something personal today), we’re still in the final stages of writing and talking with brands and platform developers.

One of these platforms is San Francisco-based Traackr, which I’ve featured on this blog previously. What I like about Traackr’s approach is their goal to make influence truly contextual, and not be reliant on a score that can be gamed.

Earlier this week, Sam and I chatted with Traackr founder and CEO Pierre-Loic Assayag and VP, Marketing Evy Wilkins about why Traackr isn’t your “typical influencer platform”. Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • Pierre-Loic’s dislike for social scoring platforms and algorithms that claim to measure influence but only measure popularity;
  • The current limitations of Traackr’s platform and where it’s going next;
  • Why attempting to game Traackr’s algorithm would simply be a waste of time;
  • Why Relevance and Resonance are so important to Traackr and their clients as data points;
  • The role of influence marketing as a lead generation tool as well as a community one.

One thing that you can see when watching the video is both Pierre-Loic and Evy’s passion for their platform and the different approach they’re trying to take with Traackr.

Having spent a lot of time with the platform and seeing some of the stuff they’re working on has – along with some other platforms – restored my faith in the influence marketing space, as well as validated the methodology and new influence model Sam and I lay out in our book.

It’s a long video, coming in at just under an hour, but when you have the time to watch it, it’s definitely worth it and full of great insights.

Here’s to the next wave.



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