State of Play for Influence Marketing in 2013 – Infographic

Businesses are now competing with – and often losing to – “the wisdom of crowds” in the branding battle. Identifying individuals who sway online consumer opinion on specific topics and within specific communities has become critically important to marketers and public relations professionals.

A slew of social scoring platforms have emerged with claims that they can identify who influences who online while providing various tools and scoring systems to rank those who are influential and those who are not on a variety of topics.

However, as with most early adopters, their efforts have been widely criticized. Some say they’re just misunderstood and that the technology is just too new.

Either way, there’s one certainty: Marketers and public relations professionals are taking notice.

Earlier this year, ArCompany and Sensei Marketing surveyed marketing professionals around the world in the ongoing effort to better understand this growing industry and where businesses stand on the issue.

  • Can social influence truly be measured?
  • Is anyone using them?
  • What’s the future of influence marketing?

Influence marketing survey key insights

We’ve created the following infographic to highlight some of the key findings:

  • How marketers define Influence Marketing
  • What budgets they’re allocating to Influence Marketing in the next 12 months
  • How do marketers rate various social influence scoring platforms
  • What successes they have had with social influence scoring platforms and if they plan on using them in the future
  • The demographics of audience surveyed

What’s clear is social scoring, while recognized, is being questioned more, with businesses demanding better return for their investment. The technologies that can provide this will be the ones leading the charge in this Third Wave of Influence Marketing.

How about you – how does this data reflect your own personal experiences with influence marketing? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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IM infographic

Influence Marketing bookBuy the book that offers the methodologies that answer the needs raised in this report: Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage, and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media Marketing

Book Authors: Danny Brown & Sam Fiorella
Copyright: © 2013 by Que Publishing
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