Why You Might Want to Unsubscribe From This Blog

For the last six years or so, this blog has shared content that’s been focused on marketing, social media, influence and data. It’s been a collection of topics that have interested me and hopefully raised interest in you to dig beyond the usual social media-driven content.

And while these topics (mostly) still interest me, they don’t drive as much passion in me as they used to.

As I wrote three years ago, there’s only so much you can produce without repeating what’s already out there; three years later and it seems (to this blogger, at least), not much has changed.

Instead of blogs taking a critical thinking approach, many simply chase eyeballs with thinking that was new three years ago, but today is simply recycled viewpoints (no matter how they try and dress it up as new).

Instead of really driving the direction of thinking around social and where it can go, they rely on Upworthy-style headlines for their business blogs, while failing to deliver with the content that follows. At least Upworthy, as cringeworthy as their link-bait tactics are, deliver on the content related to the title.

It’s this laziness in exchange for traffic that sees so much potential stalled; and it doesn’t instil any desire to continue to be a part of it.

So, time for a change.

It’s Been Great, And I Understand If You Go

Perhaps my train of thought around the changes I’m making around here are grounded in the fortuitous position of not having to sell anything.

Yes, I have the Influence Marketing book I co-wrote with a very smart guy in Sam Fiorella – but that’s already met the goals I had personally for it (critical recognition and inclusion in university and college curriculums). For sure, I’ll continue to promote, but in the soft sell approach we’ve taken so far and which has seen the book continue to sell and hold a steady place in listings across the web.

The point is, I feel under no pressure to pimp a book and – by association – be held to a certain type of content in order to do so.

Nor am I someone who has to be speaking at the latest social media event to feel validation for anything. While there are some smart people who talk at these events, there are also many who simply turn up to repeat the same talk or keynote they’ve been doing for the last 18 months to two years, all while boasting of whose party they’re at, or what selfie they can use to show how cool they are.

That’s all well and good and if that works for you, knock yourself out – I’d rather support events where it’s not the “usual suspects” and with the added bonus of being able to tap into the minds of the next generation of communicators to see where the industry is heading.

But, more importantly for me, I’m happier simply being with my wife and two young kids – that’s the only validation I want to be remembered for.

It’s why this post has one simple message – the content is changing and I completely understand if you want to “leave”.

While I’ll still write about the topics that have been prevalent in the last six years or so, they’ll be mixed in with people stories about inspiring folks; smart folks, folks that are truly driving change in the way we do business, and aren’t bothered about accolades from the circle jerk. Instead, they’re simply building a future and a legacy.

I’ll also be promoting content you should really dig into more, to hopefully give you a bigger picture of the world around us, and encourage you to ask bigger questions of yourself, and those you surround yourself with and follow.

Simply put, this blog will become what (for me) a blog was born to be – a collection of thoughts about anything and everything at any given time.

If You Do Go, Check These Blogs Out

I’m truly grateful for the thoughts we’ve shared these last six years. Your comments after a post; your discussions online; and your emails to extend the topic have all been sincerely appreciated.

I’d love for you to stick around and see if the new direction encourages deeper thinking; but I understand if you’re simply interested in content specifically geared to social media, marketing, data, etc.

If so, I strongly recommend you checking out the following blogs and bloggers, who offer a mix of smart business acumen, critical thinking, and actual original thought (there is still some out there!):

These blogs all have one thing on common – they will ask bigger questions and they will get you thinking beyond simple ideas, and all deserve to have a place in your reader.

Again, I thank you for being here for the last six years or so. The content wouldn’t have been the same without you driving me to expand beyond the easy topic, and I thank you for that.

I bid you a grateful farewell if you do decide to unsubscribe; and I look forward to continuing to expand each other’s horizons if you decide to stay.


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