The Future of Content Part 4: The Return to Pure Blogging

As content continues to become an ever-important staple for businesses of all shapes and sizes, I thought it’d be interesting to share some thoughts on what the future of content might look like.

However, instead of sharing just my own thoughts, I wanted to bring you what the future of content looks like for some of the folks I look up to and respect in this space.

This mini-series will bring you some of the web’s most critical thinkers when it comes to content – hopefully you’ll enjoy reading as much as I did, and these thoughts will spark ideas of your own on what the future of this thing we call content looks like.

Today’s topic is the question of “Pure Blogging”.

I’m seeing more and more content creators push back on the Buzzfeed Economy and actually want to create, and partake in, meaningful content and discussions. Focusing on content, not shares; interactions, not reactions; making people think, not thinking for them.

In essence, returning to pure blogging when it comes to their content.

Pure blogging is the focus on content, not shares; interactions, not reactions. Click To Tweet

Sharing their thoughts on this topic are Amy Vernon, David Kutcher, and Tonia Ries, and our round table is powered by social conversation platform ReplyAll.

If you have a question you’d like to ask the panel, drop it in the comments below and I’ll share with the guests. And if you want to be sent the transcript of the full conversation, you can click the subscription option at the bottom of the ReplyAll conversation box.


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