The Parables of Business

The Parables of BusinessA business ebook that’s not your “usual” business ebook, The Parables of Business offers business tips and advice through the art of storytelling.

It also shows how old mindsets can help you forge successful paths in the new business world of today.

It brings together a collection of eleven stories that will help business owners build not only their business and brand loyalty, but also employee loyalty and a mindset to do business the right way.

Because of the storytelling approach, it offers something for everyone.

From solo entrepreneurs to small-to-medium business owners, as well as human resource departments, internal teams and external contractors, there are lessons inside that everyone can learn from.

It’s only $0.99 USD, with 11 stories about collaboration, entrepreneurship, social media Zen, overcoming adversity and much more.

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Praise for The Parables of Business

“Regardless of your industry, your status, your knowledge or know-how…this eBook WILL teach you something. It WILL inspire you and make you re-think of how you’re doing things, whether online or off.” Ingrid Abboud, Owner, nittyGriddy Marcom.

“The entrepreneurial tales are grounded in experience, and are encouraging. Some of the stories are more about social media than full on business; but all of it is relevant and makes you think.” Geoff Livingston, Co-Founder, Zoetica Media.

“Danny offers lessons about knowing your audience, creating your unique selling proposition, building your brand, determining your potential, and more. But they’re all told in stories that are easy to relate to and fun to read. This book is for you if you’re an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur, or thinking about starting your own business.” Gini Dietrich, CEO, Arment Dietrich.

“There is no big theory, just a simple and concise set of directions to look at what really matters inside your business. Danny Brown brings tons of value for each entrepreneur with his powerful words and candid approach to marketing.” John Falchetto, Owner, Expat Life Coach.

“So many books focus on technologies that change by the minute. Which then makes those books obsolete a month later. The Parables of Business is the kind of book that your kids can read 20 years from now, and the lessons will still apply.” Dino Dogan, Founder, Triberr.

“Long before social media and the world wide web for that matter, the best companies and most recognizable brands in the world were established by men and women just like you. What were their secrets? What made them so successful? How were they able to make their company/brand a household name all over the world for the better part of the last 100 years? This little book has many of the answers; however, they may surprise you…” Mark Harai, VP of Business Development, DIME Labs.

“Instead of taking a more traditional approach to business writing, Danny tells short, powerful, and timeless stories to deliver critical lessons that can help all of us become stronger professionals and more understanding human beings.” Marianne Worley, The Marketing Workshop.

“If you are feeling stuck, need a good kick in the pants, or just want to think about the big picture, The Parables of Business is a truly great read, and the kind of ebook that you could find yourself reading more than once.” Adam Toporek, Founder, IntenseFence Management Solutions.

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