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Sunday Brunch with Danny BrownWelcome to a new episode of Sunday Brunch, where we talk about your questions on social media, marketing, business tips, entrepreneurship and more.

Today’s question is from Ari Herzog, who offers consulting and speaking services as a new media consultant and writer/editor over at Ari asks:

“I’d enjoy learning how you introduce yourself to strangers — whether online or off — due to your multiple hats. Between your work with Bonsai, 12for12K, and other initiatives, let alone the multiple sites you write blog articles at, what’s your elevator pitch when introducing yourself? Is it always the same, or do you change it depending on the audience?”

Thanks for the question, Ari, and I hope the video helps.

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Cheers, and see you same time, same place next week for some more Sunday Brunch chats.

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